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A cipher . . . an undetectable string . . . symbology used to disguise access, or recognition to code, and eliminate discovery. This mimics the ways in which human consciousness unfolds from the inside toward the outside through waves of time . . . moving from the mystery toward mastery -- from the yin of reception to the yang of projection. It’s your higher awareness that deciphers this, which is exactly what the word is saying to do . . . to decipher . . . to remove the mystery coded within any moment of life.

Your sensory system combines with your nervous system to create these ciphers within the waves of time in the fabric of space. It's been said: “Space was created so everything isn't happening to you, and time was created so it doesn’t all happen at once.” Without these distinguishing ciphers, spacetime would jam up and bottleneck around all moments and locations. I once asked the master, Yogi Bhajan, why this was always happening in life? He simply replied, “GOD doesn't want jerks in Heaven . . . you have to master the lessons in the codes.” In order for everything to unfold smoothly, there must be an order to the space, there must be a sequence in the time. These ciphers place key delays in the procession of time passing to produce the mysteries that take “time” to unravel. This is the nature of mastery’s journey . . . all things in their proper moment . . . all things in their order of space.

Our prayer is that you take the time and use the space to decipher your mysteries; that, instead of frustration, when you encounter the ciphers, you use them to motivate new discoveries that clarify old mysteries . . . be good with the paths of the ciphers.

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