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Free-wording works with the stream of your consciousness while verbalizing ‘thoughts’ without interpretation. It’s a procession from the dreamtime of symbology into the real time of vocabulary -- all without any intellectual intermediary. Sometimes called flash-journaling, this process, from deep meditation, can stimulate ideas never known by your active awareness. It’s writing while in the brain frequency of the ‘theta state’ . . . of dreamtime.

This is where ideas are captured from quantum spaces . . . your elevated awareness remains wide open while writing. Ancient mystics and masters would sit around the home-fires of gathered loved ones with multi-dimensional stories flowing from this practice of free-wording. Two, three, and four dimensional limitations would disappear into their contemplation of the quantum levels . . . dimensions outside the material, physical, emotional and mental worlds. The ancient mystics and masters would use this free-wording to make certain they never fell into the traps of . . . an image so common in modern religions. The attitudes for then, and the new era, are to be based in 'living for truth' -- not dying for it . . . martyrdom is old school. This bases the way of mastery on practical inclusivivity, not exclusive, unreachable platitudes. This doesn’t labor through the negative versus positive, but goes straight from the intuition’s knowing of right and wrong, to focus on opportunities. New solutions are discovered within the free-wording consciousness.

Our prayer is that you’re investing in the dimensions beyond the obvious; that you verbalize your dreamtime thoughts by engaging their symbology without translation, and then express these ideas through free-wording with a confidence from your higher understanding.

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