Meditations On Future Existence

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Modern humans mostly use their bodies as a cart to carry their brain, and stomach to feed the procession. Meditation expands your consciousness to overcome this very primitive assignment. Meditation synchronizes the core values of Soul within the projected needs of your physical body on the pathway of your destiny. In this way you're able to physically live within a higher perspective of the infinite, and then deal effectively with the material world of the finite. Throughout history, great ideas, ones that have advanced human potential, were ridiculed when first introduced. Examples are: Arabic numerals replacing the Roman tally; medical surgery repairing the static body; a round Earth replacing the flat one; singing in harmonic intervals to replace Gregorian unisons, and artists painting with deep shadow to create a sense of three dimensional perspective on a two dimensional surface.

Because infinite and eternal spacetime has no location, or direction -- when you innovate in these ways, you're entering realms without historical data, or future proof of concept . . . there’s no record. This is the new marketplace . . . the next evolution . . . one gigantic present moment of momentum. The success of the world going forward, will require a future being inserted into this gigantic presence. For all to survive this must be empathic and a compassionate future -- brought about through balance and alignment. Meditation allows these varying needs to comprehend how to meet in the midst of a radical transformation. Life then becomes accepting and accommodating of dissimilar points of view . . . essential for humanity to survive.

Our prayer is that you’ll enter this new spacetime through your meditations on future existence; that you’ll innovate, and not hesitate to deliver this benevolent future to the present, and then share this with the many, while being drenched in a shower of ridicule. Life is depending on you.

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