Core Transformation

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Psycho-emotional molecules are the data points within awareness that gather in specifically aligned groups to define feelings and thinking patterns. Whenever the purpose of life is humane, these psycho-emotional molecules are tools to nourish life, not commandments to control it. When emotions control life, life goes out of control. Today the Earth is suffering under the psycho-emotional weight of seven billion, seven hundred million emotional agendas. The future -- any human future that’s sustainable -- will be about individuals operating in a field of distributed, compassionate, and compatible psycho-emotional molecules of intelligence . . . not individually competing agendas.

This is the nature of the new human that’s evolving . . . this is why there’s such violent pushback. Massive bigotry only exists when people fear losing that which is individually precious. This is the natural fear that accompanies today’s radical evolution toward common purpose over individuality. Bigotry and violence around the world are the death throes of the old individual ways dying. This is the nature of evolution -- like water turning to steam -- evolution has reached its sublimation point . . . a point of core transformation.

Our prayer is that you’ll be good with the radical transformation toward common purpose that's arriving; that you’ll be a leader to guide those who are afraid of it -- those behaving very badly in it -- and that you’ll gather the highly conscious data points, within this field of fear, to guide life into its evolutionary future.

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