Fitting Together Creates Prosperity

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Today’s pandemic of fearful and primitive emotions is more contagious than a physical disease. This is being weaponized by the financially powerful in a world where net-worth replaces any measure of real value; celebrity is mistaken for significance, and xenophobia is the policy of nations. These are the echoes of old monarchies, a system that has never really been replaced, just masked by more recent models of governance. It’s a system that thrives on primitive emotions with sheer terror stirred to suicidal peaks. It ignores the planetary wellbeing, while expending all its resources on maintaining power.

Accelerated by survival falsehoods, it’s the nature of every failed evolution. Extinction -- not survival -- is based on “survival of the fittest” . . . the ‘super-strong’ extracting power from everything else until the entire system collapses. It’s the nature of cancer . . . the nature of empire . . . the nature of failure. The host, which in this case is humanity, will perish unless the highly conscious ones show up to lift it up. Throughout history, species have failed when unwilling, or unable to adapt to the true needs of life. Dinosaurs -- too large to shift, or adapt -- were annihilated by a shock wave, wherein the smaller, more nimble creatures survived. Their creative agility and lifestyle flexibility were essential. When emotions grow into dinosaurs, they become bigoted and rigid without the creative agility required for change. Now is this moment for humans in a world where the most powerful -- by financial measures -- are gathering crowds around xenophobic rituals. Such is the nature of mob consciousness within religions, within nations, and within the cultures run by primitive selfishness.

Our prayer is that you elevate yourself to recognize that it’s not survival of the fittest, but fitting together, that creates prosperity, and when prosperity is distributed evenly, the entire system prospers.

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