Harmonic Vibrational Streams

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The “music of the spheres” is real -- it’s the result of harmonic vibrational streams created by what science refers to as, “all things - all matter vibrates.” It's produced by waves of energy passing through the tubes of gravity that stretch in space and outer space throughout planets, stars and galaxies. Like strings on gigantic instruments, this produces harmonic intervals that construct and conduct the laws of nature to support the consistency of matter. When heard -- through deep meditation -- by sages, masters, prophets and the great composers of the times -- they reproduce it.

Mozart, Bach, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, all claimed they never made up melodies . . . they heard them. Medical science knows that a musician’s brain is wired differently, particularly a musician who’s played since childhood. The musician’s brain seeks harmony in its world more than anything else. This is the nature of the music of the spheres -- masterful composers and spiritual prophets turned these ecstatic melodies into compositions of music and poetic word-strings of scripture . . . all promoting harmony and unity in life. This is why their music is loved and their teachings are followed. The great prophets were masterful in their inclusion of everyone while able to hear these harmonic intervals . . . pathways that lead to solution in the midst of confusion and chaos.

Our prayer is that you listen consciously; set time aside to observe the harmonies of inclusion, and nurture the pathways of their mastery . . . become a prophet of the new evolution and dance to the music of the spheres . . . it’s playing your song.

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