Paths Of Compassionate Influence

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Today’s world has common expressions like, “alternative facts” and “gaslighting.” These expressions prove true, the ancient definitions of the Kali Yuga . . . the times you’re now in. Described in the ancient Vedas as, “truth will be what you convince someone of” -- the current world has no debates of reason; no enlightened elevations to deal with these false ideas and ideologies of an alt-reality. Your only power, to counter these alternative factless arguments, is with narratives blossoming from the countless, more positive, more productive and more deeply inspirational perspectives of intuition. There’s clearly no reason to meet the opposing winds head on, for -- like in sailing -- there are angles through which you can use this contrary energy of falsehood to move your agendas toward more enlightened goals.

Called ‘tacking’ in sailing, it’s being ‘tactful’ in handling persons, ideas, and ideals. This is one event, as a master of this time, you can master. This is what you, as the prophets of this time, can profess. And this is what you, as the compassionate empaths -- who wander the Earth like strangers in a strange land -- can embrace. Spread these tactful angles like sails in the winds of time, and allow them to create the paths of compassionate influence. This doesn’t blame the other side, it looks into the level of evolutionary behavior, and knows that not all people -- in this one room schoolhouse Earth -- are of equal ability. Incarnations are an exact equation, not random, or scattered, you don't own the conditions of your life, you use them to ride the waves of your time. When you’re aware of this great equation, then gratitude and compassion create a force for your life.

Our prayer is that you’re a master of these times; that you work to profess the prophecies of benevolence in this world of gaslighting and intolerance, and that this enables those around you to understand the best angles of coping . . . such a great service to humanity.

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