Identity Without Boundaries

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There are countless conversations amongst humans, but for the most part they’re conversations of unevolved consciousness vying for position, in a world competing for resources, to control a global market within an imaginary economy. This has captured, and enslaved, the majority for centuries. Even those who are not an active part of this process, they’re affected by it. Such are the lives of those beautiful indigenous peoples around the world . . . alienated from the dignity of their land, water and air by this continuous game. There are other conversations -- humanely developing the human vessel -- to create the highest consciousness possible -- and doing this in an advanced way. You’ve been born as a radical disrupter . . . not here to blend any of these conversations.

You’re here to bend what’s taking place. This is the classic example of quantum physics -- it’s the observer and the observed. Your consciousness is operating at the level of those quantum particles. You’re interlinked inexplicably with everyone -- every attitude known to humanity, and by the lawlessness of the quantum -- you’re life is inseparable from your expectations. All animals, plants and stones -- live in their bodies, but there’s a uniqueness in humans when they’re being inhumane . . . they take the body for granted. It took billions of ‘Earth-years’ to design, build and perfect this human body. It’s time to get in touch with it, and release the focus on the external game. This is the moment you must realize, It’s actually time to meet and greet your body as this gift from history . . . release the obsessions. Become your Earth’s sanctuary for the soul body to realize its ultimate success. This physical body of yours is here to advance you through the evolution of time, not for the collection of resources, or the accumulation of trinkets.

Our prayer is that you’re over with all accumulation; that you’re no longer attracted to keeping score in the game; that you’re ready to use this body as an instrument of highest consciousness, and share this joy with everyone. You are a master teacher.

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