Maintain Mental Flexibility

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The human brain is called plastic by the medical profession . . . actually ninety percent of the brain is liquid. This allows it to continuously change the connective neural “wiring” -- adding and removing connections to strengthen the signals that work and weaken the ones that fail. All of this propagates the learning channels in life. This process is super active from the months before birth until the age of twenty two. These are the years of your brains most dramatic physical growth and the greatest period of learning. You can continue this mental replenishing and physical healing by exercising your brain along with your body well past the age of twenty two. It has been proven in studies with advanced imaging: people who use their brains to speak more than one language; work to continuously expand their vocabulary, and, or meditate for an hour on a regular daily basis, maintain the size and health of the brain.

There are exercises, meditations and contemplations to alter the brain’s normal processings and encourage it to adventure into the imagination without restriction. Allowing this to happen is like taking a dog to an ‘off-leash’ park where the freedom, adventure and discovery process builds enthusiasm. This enthusiasm uses more neurology to capture new perceptions and perspectives . . . an outlook that creates the chemical sensation of freedom. Your mental and physical worlds -- with this ‘liberation’ chemistry -- nourish success, happiness, good health, and so many other benefits . . . all from the expansion and shifting of the plasticity in your brain. A powerful Kundalini meditation for this is Kirtan Kriya found online.

Our prayer is for your mental flexibility to handle the ever-changing world of today; that you maintain this flexibility with a daily practice of meditation and language exercising through reading, speaking, concentration and contemplation, and then discover the joy of new perspectives each day.

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