Measures To Your Mission

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The success of life needs maps and measurements to gauge the psycho-emotional location, movement and progress. Without these maps and measurements, you receive little understandable feedback. Feedback is a cycle that turns feelings into understands -- into knowledge and wisdom.

Even though it’s vital to employ hope, faith, trust and belief -- you also need a feedback pattern to demonstrate that your perceptions and sensations will deliver understanding to satisfy the brain’s concern. Concern is a headbrain signal for maintaining this identity. Like the sonar of a bat, the signals of your concern, bounce off your environment and identify the place, the space, and the movements required to survive and succeed. In processing these maps and measurements, you must go easy with the stimulation of this concern. Since it’s constantly feeding your system, these feedback loops are powerful, and if you don’t go easy, you’ll become flooded with concerns . . . a flooded engine doesn’t run. When you receive too much feedback, the amount of information you process will keep you awake at night, and exhausted during the day. You’re a witness on Earth -- this witnessing fuels your awareness to discover solutions. Too much witnessing -- just like too much gas in your engine -- floods the system and becomes ineffective . . . it discovers nothing.

Our prayer is that you become super-conscious as a witness in the world of today; that you take all measures to prevent this from overwhelming your mission; that you sense your concern before they become ineffective, and that you take the steps to rejuvenate.

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