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Back in those famous, “Good ole days,” there was just as much corruption and dishonesty as there are cluttering today. The only difference, that makes the past appear calmer, is the “ignorance of bliss” -- their lack of a collective reality in human consciousness. It wasn’t as easy to see behind the curtain and the masks -- or to hear through the collective background noise. The signal to noise ratio has always been a hypnotic pablum, and back then it had greater power in the midst of the greater ignorance. Today’s a time of exposure, of full disclosure, where it’s impossible to keep a secret, bury a scandal, or hide the dishonesty that’s always in the nature of human nature. This makes you wonder if humans are actually the highest life-form on Earth. Now is the time for the human psyche to adjust beyond this corruption and competition.

It’s time for humanity to see the unseen; to know the unknown, and be completely honest within these discoveries without needing to compete for positions. It can no longer be a world of, “out of sight -- out of mind”, for there’s nothing in today’s world that's out of sight. Information runs down the river of life; the river of life runs into the sea existence . . . this everlasting vibration is omnipresent . . . the “Giver” creates each moment from whatever you’re focused on most . . . all from infinite information. Giving yourself an ability to project huge, and include everyone in your projection is the key. Value awareness more than materials; process your days with a superior consciousness, and then your human life will be one of the most advanced lives on Earth. Those “Ole days” will no longer be desired . . . they’ll look like -- what they are -- days of ignorance. Right now is the time to be alive -- all the information is available -- all the abilities are available within the information to be whatever you want to be.

Our prayer is that you’re ready for this much clarity; that you’re willing for this much exposure, and that you’re able to take the courage and place it in place of the questions. The result will be far better than the, “Good ole days.”

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