Destiny . . . The Undistorted You

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Life is an ultra-high-density hologram projected onto a holographic screen, or space, known as the multiverse. This projection contains a point of perception, and a point of reference -- the observer and the observed, known as consciousness. This consciousness observes the sensational illusions of this space passing through a point of reference, and interprets this as time passing through space. This creates the illusion of time -- space in motion -- and the combination is spacetime. The mechanism that observes is your consciousness . . . it’s you, and it’s all that you are . . . housed in a body, driven by soul. This is the only thing that survives and goes with the soul at death . . . from lifetime into lifetime . . . on and on this is you. The density of this hologram is so completely convincing and compacted that it creates the total sensation of solidity and holism.

This solidity and holism is actually an agreement between your consciousness, your senses, and the interpretation of everything as sensory signals in the brain-mind connection. This agreement controls your entire life, and all that you engage with. The sovereignty of this agreement -- the containment and arrangement of this agreement within the hologram -- is only corrupted by the emotions that distort your interpretation. The inclinations of this emotional distortion is known as fate, and when you live by fate, you’re like a leaf blowing in the winds of time. Devotion, on the other hand, constructs alternative realizations within these winds of time, moments that guide you where you can take comfort. This is known as destiny . . . the undistorted you. The combinations of fate and destiny are the anthologies of your overall story. With your consciousness in the middle -- you make choices between these two options.

Our prayer is that you live more in your devotions than your emotions, living more in your destiny than your fate; that you experience this agreement -- take advantage of its sovereignty, and then alter the hologram to suit the greatest good. This is devotion -- the power of prayer, meditation, intuition and love -- the power of you being you. 

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