Practice Daily

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There are vast portions of existence that take place beyond, and or, deeper within the dimensions that are available to the senses you are sensing with. Every night, when you go to sleep, you pass through the theta brain state of dreaming, into the delta state of complete unconsciousness, and on into these realms of chaos, disintegration and creation . . . where the cells of your body, every thought of your mind, and each feeling in your emotions rejuvenates. It’s here you enter a realm where consciousness is not guiding your journey.

You’re either randomly accessing a space without direction, or you're being guided by some form of higher awareness . . . but you are completely unconscious. Something essential to understand -- your consciousness is all that goes with you when you die from lifetime into lifetime. And consciousness is all that's truly you during each lifetime. It's therefore extremely important that you regain your consciousness when you awaken from the dreamtime, and rejuvenating deep sleep. You wake up each morning in a slight disarray, your first assignment is to bring yourself back to clarity, focus, purpose, and awakening. This is the reason for your daily morning practice . . . to bring your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies back into alignment with purpose. For when you don't clear yourself each morning, you layer the new disarray on top of previous disarray. This is the world of humanity today . . . seven and a half billion people at a critical state of layered disarray. This much chaos breeds corruption . . . this is your business . . . fix the corrupted layers of the collective human consciousness.

Our prayer is that each morning you stretch into your body glove; that you activate your glands and organs, which are the birthplace of your emotional body; that you clear your brain-mind connection with mantra, singing, silence and deep breathing. In this way you'll make a path for your consciousness to be tangible, relatable, actionable and reliable with goodness. You will be the change you want to see in the world and the world will follow your lead. 

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