Balance Aligns Within Balance

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When humans stand on two legs, they recognize the perfectly balanced universe . . . something that can be counted on to engender trust. These are the lessons humans learn by simply being human and aligning with their physical universe . . . balance aligns within balance. The awareness of this constant common allows you to focus inside of chaos, where being slightly off balance becomes essential. Total and complete balance actually brings life to a standstill, as the equals and opposites offset each other exactly . . . leading to stagnation.

The principle in this -- the need to be slightly out of balance -- depends primarily on the amount of ‘slightly’ that you require. This is where discipline comes in -- maintaining your balance, focus, and direction while stepping slightly into chaos. Life is perfectly aligned at the core, and then becomes out of balance to accommodate the points of expression. The a certain extent, this off balance is best when it’s microscopic, then there’s motion, but not disruption. When this shift becomes significantly out of balance, then there’s commotion rather than motion. These are important aspects to remember when you're making wise choices. But then, commotion is a disarray that's not always destructive. You can use it in those parts of your life that need to detach from old fixed patterns. They will need to be shifted with significantly larger imbalances. These are the choices you must master from moment to moment . . . how much out of center are you going to become in order to navigate life. You can imagine, as you begin to undo your collective history, it’s not a straightforward task.

Our prayer is that you have the awareness to navigate this process through the days, weeks, months and years of your life journey; that you’re able to shift positions readily and to the perfect degree for every shift you face, and then create the flow between balance and imbalance to sail positively through the storms of these negative times. 

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