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Opinions are not realities, they’re not hard rules or laws, they’re like a jeweler's wax; a locksmith’s putty -- when too firm they do no good . . . catching no impression; when too soft, they do no good . . . having no sustainable intention. Opinions are essential for creative movement and evolution -- a balanced life casts these impressions, and then recasts the responses that produce meaningful reflections. It’s important to know this process in the present world’s chaos of interlinked opinions, or as the master -- Yogi Bhajan would tell it -- intertwined neurosis.

As human evolution has passed through significant periods of intense survival orientation, opinions have become overly influential. Working through tens of thousands of years of tribes and clans has placed opinions at the level of facts. They’ve provided a psychic shelter, but as a replacement for good instincts and solid intuition, they’ve disappeared into a memory of advancing human intellect mostly based on the fuzzily modified memorizations of previous opinions and attitudes. They’re not certainties; not accuracies; not even efficiencies, and are very often conditional . . . yet they hold on for dear life as if law in today’s culture. Being controlled by these opinions is one of the most persistent “hypnotics” in today's world of media and social media. Like a bad spell controlling everyone’s life through the fantasy of (OPO) ‘other people’s opinions’. This is the gateway to a modern form of slavery and the consistent lack of fulfillment. Lives wander through mass consumption in search of something that resembles connection.

Our prayer is that you’re willing to use wisdom to connect with humans; that you rely on a spirit based life to reintroduced a middle path without extremes; that you’re strong enough to be unique, and clear enough to withstand the opposition this track will face. And then connect to the person you were born to be, no matter how radical this person is. 

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