The Light of Love

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The whole of the cosmos is an optical, auditory, and tactile illusion being perceived through the sensory experience of your consciousness. Here on Earth it has been processed and story-boarded using the collective memories and anticipations of the human psyche over thousands of years. This is then communicated amongst humanity to ultimately be turned into an agreement that’s deemed reality. It’s an assemblage of individual particles -- contained within various points of view -- then communicated and related through the activities of daily life.

This reality is constantly developing into quandaries, disagreements, challenges and squabbles, then disassembled from chaos, and reassembled into a different order that evolves beyond its prior self. Healthy growth and sustainability come when this progression is driven by the desire to experience and share . . . this is at the core of all life . . . pure nourishment from the Soul. This is love, and is so powerful that stars shift under its spell; the galaxies revolve; the universes unfold; the megaverses and multiverses impress and express with this power. Transmitted from the mighty to the loving, the cosmos stands under and understands this experience to be good. “So be it,” rings throughout forever -- “all knowing,” sings within each moment -- and when you join this chorus, you become one with the eternal forever. This is the shift that's taking place right now, and those who are deeply attached to the “older” ways are fanatically screaming at these newer harmonies about traditions that are unwilling to shift. But being eternal is unaffected by this fanatic screaming, and synchronicity replaces their lack of harmony with rewards of a collective destiny. A destiny that fills the agreement with love.

Our prayer is that you use the light of this love to build your moments within forever; that you notice opportunities for helping others and relax to receive the goodness in return. This will honor your life and those lives around you with a fulfillment that’s experienced through the optical, auditory and tactile “illusion”. 

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