Emotions + Devotions

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Gratitude is a devotion, which are completely different from emotions . . . they act and react within the human body with an electrochemical motive that's more neutrally constructive than emotions. Emotions leave residue, and carry a charge that -- if you’re not highly skilled -- will control your space and time long after the experience is over. Devotions, on the other hand, do not leave a charge, but contribute to the overall neutrality and intuitive success of all subsequent moments. Devotions open the gates into long lasting synchronicity. This consists of the equalities of vibrational frequencies from moment to moment, mimicking each other without direct interaction. This causes sympathetic natures to access the identical identities, and in such, the synchronicities that always exist, begin to appear.

Like the the sympathetic strings of a sitar -- they vibrate without actual direct contact -- they’re tuned to the same frequencies as the active strings, and respond in kind. Devotions unfold life effortlessly, yet this is only a gateway, your task is then to take the steps over the threshold and through the gateway -- to walk as if it’s your authority -- to navigate the trail beyond these gates as your destiny. This is the nature of devotions, to follow your ‘heart-moment’ into a courageous momentum. ‘Cour’ means the ‘heart’ in French, and ‘age’ means ‘time of’ -- ‘cour•age’ means “a time of the heart.” It takes courage to be grateful. But to complain creates a protected self -- the self that’s smaller and harder to attack . . . limited, unaccountable, yet identifiable. This is the purpose of ungrateful complaining -- it identifies the sense of self in a tiny way. This is the period in every child’s life known as the terrible “2’s” when the mantra is “no” -- and the need knows the self, by defining what the self is not. This is accomplished by defiance not gratitude.

Our prayer is that you connect to your devotions; that you recognize their benevolence; that you live in gratitude, and then share this grace with others. 

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