The Consequence of Sequence

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Awareness expands to be conscious of the consequence of actions and choices . . . the consequence of sequence. At first this is painful while the focus sharpens. You realize why ignorance is bliss -- so currently popular -- and why so many are blanking out on what they're causing in this world. The neuron cells conduct nerve impulses to transmit information. The twelve billion neurons in your body transmit signals for actions, and the registration of reactions. This process is physical and electrochemical. When physicality, electricity, or the chemistry is disrupted, then the consequences of the sequences don’t register. When this severance originates in the central nervous system the muscles are paralyzed, and when in the autonomic nervous system -- controlling the unconscious functions of breathing, heartbeat, and digestion -- the body breaks down. Narcissism is a complete separation of the actual nerves that connect thought to action, to the reaction . . . the consequence from the sequence . . . no communication along the nerves . . . as if they’re severed.

When there’s no registration of what’s taking place -- both in the positive and negative -- there’s also no realization of admiration. This creates the obsessive cravings for attention in the narcissist . . . they cannot experience the experience of receiving attention so they crave. Unable to distinguish between positive and negative consequences, they default to the negative because it’s simpler and easier. The ridicule in the today’s press is not curing, or correcting anything. There’s no way to convince a person with this disorder that they're causing harm. They'll always blame someone else. This has developed a strain of “leaders” -- in today’s world -- who are immune to the facts of truth, and to the responsibilities of consequence within sequence. This is now “normal” and neurotic, and your expanded conscious awareness is considered weird. This now controls nations, religions, and cultures.

Our prayer is that you consciously understand this, and realize your role is to assist others in dealing and living with such a world. 

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