Auric Fields

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The magnetosphere is a region surrounding an object, and very much with large celestial objects, in which the charged particles are controlled by that object's magnetic field. For the Earth, the magnetosphere extends to the outer region of the ionosphere. There's a distance between such objects in space known as the Roche limit. An object -- big enough to be held together by gravity -- when it comes close to another object -- held together by gravity -- will tear each other apart with tidal forces. A “tsunami” doesn’t begin to describe this event. It would be a disruption at a subatomic level . . . every physical characteristic, on both sides, would liquify.

A disintegration of the entire mantle of a planet. The Roche limit for the Earth is 10,000 miles. Planets are a quantum liquid -- this would merge the two into the attitude of the larger one . . . with some complex orbital chaos. These magnetic and gravitational forces include the particles that make up your physical body too. This effect happens as people come into each other’s aura (electromagnetic field). When someone is extremely powerful and benevolent, you experience a boost of energy. But when a person is extremely self-willed and narcissistic, it’s a malefic experience. You’re currently watching this play out on the world stage with national leaders of extreme self-will and exceptionally powerful electromagnetic fields . . . a kind of malevolent gravitas. Add this to the further disruption of narcissism, and you have a "perfect-deadly-storm" . . . nothing can survive the experience of a close encounter except the malevolence of the narcissist. When these attitudes are big enough, they’ll “liquify” any weaker position and blend all parts into the more powerful purpose.

Our prayer is that you work with Kundalini to remain steadfast -- be powerful enough to withstand all malevolent influences around your life -- use this to create a mega-aura (electromagnetic field) and shield yourself . . . hold your position . . . hold your purpose and intention . . . remain steady in all environments.

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