Lemons to Lemonade

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Kundalini is a light force. A collision course is a light source . . . friction creates heat, creates light. A light source initiates a light force. Using this light and its force is the cooperative nature of a sage warrior. The sage has grace and the warrior uses courage to turn grace into action through any opposition . . . unwaveringly. This is known as fierce grace. Collisions -- the light source -- ignite the kundalini force to become physically useful. This is the nature of prakriti (Sanskrit), the four qualities of tension, pressure, stress, friction that manifest the material universe from the universal nothing . . . which is called purusha. Kundalini light uses the nanocrystal liquid of the body -- concentrated in the spine, brain, heart and gut -- to shine through the layers of physicality and access higher layers of consciousness.

This activates your higher awareness and vitality. Alignment of the spine; proper postures of the body; movements that are synchronized, all balance to produce this vitality. Any subluxation, or blockage in the flow of this light, will upset the overall balance. Life, when out of balance, is relegated to an ‘action--reaction’ mode . . . no conscious vitality. Lux and luck mean light -- a subluxation blocks light. When you align the nanocrystal fluids of your body, you’re able to make connections, and ultimately your three brains connect to the universal mind -- your highest source of clear thoughts. All of the friction that is taking place between factions in today’s world are the fuel and raw material for this light. Use this light to raise awareness. It's your angle of engagement with this friction, tension, pressure and stress that will determine whether it disrupts you, corrupts you, or inspires you toward your goals. With exact and correct angles -- which are intuitive responses to each moment -- you can turn all of the “lemons” of your moments into lemonade.

Our prayer is that you realize this use for your lemons; that you sweeten your attitude with your awareness and deliver this deliciousness to the thirst of the world. =

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