Share Cruelty-Free Awareness

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When working toward your higher consciousness, it's important to understand the history of humanity, and how the collective human consciousness arrived where it is today. There were parts of this Earth -- back when the archaic-pre-humans were first migrating between 1,500,000 and 500,000 years ago -- that were overrun by devastating ice-ages. In addition to these completely unlivable regions -- crushing food and life from the fragile evolving humans -- there were protected pockets on the planet -- areas nearer to the equator, or protected from advancing glaciers by mountain ranges. The archaic-pre-humans in these protected areas advanced dramatically faster than anywhere else was able to. They’ve left modern humans with a small legacy of their teachings, architectural designs, and the depth of cosmic traditions that have survived the ages.

This architecture is found in the pyramids of both Egypt and Central America, plus other advanced structures. They left cultures of teachings in pockets around the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and all over the Indian subcontinent. While the freezing masses in their icy regions were becoming hostile, barbaric, militaristic, and territorial -- the ones in these protected regions were becoming conscious and sophisticated; highly aware of the universal laws; developing cruelty-free cuisine; weaving fabrics of the finest threads, and advancing science, math, music, art and other vital aspects of a compassionate human intelligence. All that the barbaric territorialism has left this world is their weapons; attitudes of ownership and competition; huge divisions between those who have hoarded everything and those who are left with nothing, and war as the supreme arbiter.

Our prayer is that you realize that many of today’s human habits come from the barbaric teachings forced on evolution by disaster -- not consciousness; that you take a mindful approach and determine which of these you’re going to use in your life, and then share this more advanced and cruelty-free awareness with as many as you can.

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