Be Exactly You

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Your heartbeat -- the rhythm, the tone, and the pace of it -- is more personal and unique than your fingerprints. Your voice-print -- tones, overtones, and inflections -- is as unique as your heartbeat. Your heart contains your mission, goals and dreams that are as unique as the heart itself. Your voice is here to describe, define and claim this uniqueness. There’s actually nothing about you, in this time of your life, that has ever been ‘your’ way before this life. There’s no other person exactly like you in this world at this time. There will never be another like you, exactly as you are in this life, and this is true unto eternity . . . the entire past, present, and future has only one of you and you’re ‘it’ right here, right now.

Think about the responsibility and opportunity of being you -- if you’re not being exactly who you truly are -- for whatever reasons causing a hesitation in your life -- then no matter how long you live, as this sort of imposter, you have never actually existed at all. What a complete waste of life and breath -- what a complete dismissal of the opportunities -- what a needless hesitation. You’re born to be exactly who you are; you’ve been gifted this authority with the uniqueness in your DNA and with every breath you breathe. Breathing is your permission -- the permit for your unique mission . . . when breath ends, your permission ends. Now that you’re breathing, it’s the exact moment to be exactly you.

Our prayer is that you recognize: ‘today is your day’ and your opportunity is alive right here, right now; that this is the perfect time to accept that you’re breathing -- and therefore -- a very good time to fulfill you’re dreaming to be you.

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