Trajectory + Legacy

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Whenever a strong and meaningful tradition moves forward from the lifetime of a great founder, or set of founders -- a life that's left a masterful legacy -- it's up to those following on this path to maintain the legacy while, at the same time, fulfilling the trajectory of the intention. This is where many challenges occur amongst the perspectives, perceptions and observations of the followers. How much of the legacy is in the destiny, and how much of the legacy is simply a containment and directory for the continuation of the trajectory? Whenever there’s been too much legacy applied, the trajectory becomes lost in a tradition of echos that merely orbit the origins . . . ultimately becoming ancient history and inapplicable consistency.

On the other side, too little legacy, and the trajectory veers off the course of any original intention . . . science becomes an odd assortment of “art-fair” impressions. This is a continuing contest between balance, integrity and trajectory. Since the nature of human nature is governed by a tremendous amount of free-will, this contest is now found amongst nearly all the religions, all of the nations, the science behind science, and the attitudes in art, literature and even justice. It’s inside any system in which leadership has left resources of real and intellectual property to the followers. One of the great challenges that occurs through time -- great leaders attract crowds of followers -- followers must ultimately realign toward leadership, and leadership -- unlike following -- is a constant series of (quantity amongst quality) choices -- leading to (legacy amongst trajectory) conclusions.

Our prayer is that you find yourself in the midst of this, for the nature of all human nature has placed this everywhere; that you opt on the side of the trajectory being a bit stronger than legacy, so this planet can move into a future that's at the threshold of this morning . . . the front door of today . . . so this planet can get back on time.

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