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You’ve come to Earth to make a difference, not make a living. Your visit here has been scheduled for thousands of lifetimes . . . exactly as it is. You've been all over the megaverse, and now it's your time to be here on Earth, and here you are, exactly as you are. You've been around the Cosmos with all your friends and relatives through countless previous incarnations . . . you travel lifetimes together as a tribal village. There’s magnificent purpose in your life; it's up to you to recover the clues and inclinations, and set about fulfilling them. Dedicate the days, weeks, months and years to fulfilling the prophesy of you with your friends and relatives all a part of a greater purpose, and you a part of theirs. Some of them are with you because of your purpose, and others are with you in spite of it.

They’re both catalysts to your fulfillment, and equally stimulate what you learn and earn in each life. These blessings are abundantly clear when you tune into your vitality -- your totality -- your reality and turn away from the insanity masking itself as society. The majority of humanity are not acquainted with any of this synchronicity, but swarm around life like flies of an “I ~ me ~ mine obsession” -- a state that struggles to accumulate money to avoid struggle. Struggle -- like a virus -- ultimately becomes the purpose. Commitment -- inspiration -- enthusiasm -- faith -- trust and love are devotions that free and clear the mind to reconnect with purpose. This connection enjoys the joy amongst family, your circle of friends, and the tribal village as it expands exponentially.

Our prayer is that you find family, friends and purpose of your journey on Earth; that you live with this in mind every day, and enjoy each breath and heartbeat on purpose.

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