Carbon Fuel Deadlock

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Climate change is real -- the cause is accelerated by human behavior -- the results are going to be enormous -- these are realities. The Greenland Ice Sheet is falling apart, a mass of ice covering the surface of the world’s largest island. It contains enough water to fill the Great Lakes one hundred and fifteen times, and it’s disappearing faster than scientists ever predicted. Since 1972, the amount of ice lost would fill sixteen trillion bathtubs, and the melting is now accelerating. You’re looking at an alarming geological shift, with a potential total melt off raising global sea levels by twenty five feet. But this is not the only story -- this is not the most dramatic outcome. Greater than this twenty five feet of sea water is a physical reality known as the Equatorial Bulge -- a ridge of ocean water standing four hundred and eighty one feet tall and fifteen hundred miles wide. This bulge wraps around the entire Earth at the equator -- an astronomical amount of water that dwarfs all of the world’s ice sheets.

This global bulge is held in place by the centrifugal force of the Earth’s spin . . . a delicate balance to be sure. When ice on this planet melts, the physical weight balance of the planet shifts -- a displacement of this weight then alters the overall angle of the Earth's spin. The extent of these forces at play are unpredictable, but it’s already unleashing sections of this massive Equatorial Bulge in the form of random and chaotic tsunamis . . . giant waves roaming across the oceans. Twenty five feet of seawater will be destructive to every coastal city, but these random, gigantic waves will render unpredictable disruption around the globe. Shipping will be affected; every port city will be at risk; oceanic predictability will be lost, and the weather patterns -- controlled by the oceans -- will be even more chaotic. There's still a moment in this time to make a difference . . . a moment to avoid total collapse.

Our prayer is that you’re paying strong attention; that you’re actively participating in some form of solution; that your intention is to awaken others to this uncertain future, and then collectively prepare for the side effects that will accompany this.

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