Angles Of The Angels

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The number of galaxies in this universe has been estimated in the trillions -- every one with billions of suns, tens of billions of planets and the further possibilities of highly intelligent life. But this is only in considering ‘one’ of the countless universes that surround the base station of this megaverse. Then there are the countless megaverses that exist throughout the cosmic multiverse. This is the nature of infinity -- any part of which, by holographic logic -- must also be infinite.

There are continuous scientific efforts to draw definitive conclusions around this, but the only reality is that it must all go on forever. Otherwise what’s on the other side of the “end”? Not being aware of such mandatory realities in the nature of infinity, is simply caught in another form of measuring a “flat Earth”. This is historically caused by inabilities to comprehend that which is beyond fixated understanding . . . limited by an unwillingness to realize unending natures. Every part of holographic space is equal to the whole of the infinite space. The brain -- in its current state -- cannot comprehend this pathway, for it calculates and calibrates according to its physical posture, psychological inclination, and pretense. This is why you must change your posturing in order to view the world from an entirely new angle. This is known as "angles of the angels" in the mystical language of the masterful prophets. These are the realms where all solutions equal all the challenges. You can explore such realms when you allow your opinions off their leashes to run free.

Our prayer is that you’re inclined toward such revelations; that you’re postures allow for the genesis of greater visions, and your mission becomes one of far greater value than simply increasing your count amongst the small ideas on a flat world.

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