Living Not Reacting

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Countless centuries ago, the mystics and masters discovered that there’s an opportunity within the human form to do much more than just feed, clothe and protect one’s self amongst the elements. They discovered there’s a great purpose in the human form that's completely different from all other incarnations -- different than earning a living. The human form -- when highly disciplined -- has a capacity that reveals itself under this discipline. Invisible dimensions appear “out of the blue.” And this is exactly where they're from -- the blue ethers are the incubator of that which comes into existence. They taught these practices orally for tens of thousands of years before any written records were created. Then, with the advent of the violent invasions, they began composing the Vedas, Smritis, Upanishads, and Puranas. These writings tell of a universe as a series of polarities. Every need has its gift, and every action has its reaction.

When you ignite a light that's bright enough, it will illuminate both the challenges and solutions of life simultaneously. They discovered this is achieved by stimulating and igniting a coiled nerve near the base of the human spine. Their word, at the time, for coiled nerve was kundalini. This is a light source and a light force that can shine through the crystal nature of your body’s fluids. The kundalini light shines up through the eight chakras surrounding the spine . . . each connected to its particular system of glands and organs, which produce and process emotions and their supporting thoughts. With this illumination, you not only know the emotions, but you also know their source-code. This means that you’re not controlled by them, but in control of them. This reveals the greater purpose of human life. This is the world of the ‘sage-warrior’ -- a life without chaos . . . living not reacting. Needs are met by casting light on the challenges -- illuminating the solutions which are always right there.

Our prayer is that you discover the opportunities within this human form, and discipline your life to enjoy them.

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