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Highly conscious and sensitive people in this “modern” world often feel awkward around human expectations. You’re the ones who’ve recently spent lifetimes at extreme levels of futurism. You’ve incarnated in other worlds that are tens, hundreds, even thousands, perhaps millions of years into the future of what's here on Earth. Thrust back into Earth’s world and its primitive, barbaric and violent natures, you find human expectations a daunting and unpleasant environment. You'd prefer a life of solitude -- a monastic existence -- but there’s little arrangement for this in these times . . . what with all the financial relations so prevalent. At this current level, meditation on the breath turns this awkwardness into an uncommon reachable solution . . . a workaround.

These times are the moments of a great need for unassuming examples who demonstrate -- with brief explanations -- how to navigate the present chaos and its unconscious cruelty. Yes, this world is a competition between those who have, and those who need, with the haves satisfying their needs without marking the trail for others. It’s high time to reach higher times; to demonstrate success -- in ways big and small -- to everyone with the ability to perceive. Reach the reachable and teach the teachable without owning the teachings. The teachings are more valuable when they're widely and wildly practiced. Distribute wisdom in benevolent ways that satisfy the most while supporting the host. A teaching system -- in the true sense of copyright -- is the fundamental right to copy and share just like the workings of the tide . . . lifting all ships with equal ease. This is prosperity -- where you work with the spirit common to every living being. With great effort you give and then completely relax to receive.

Our prayer is that you’re prosperous beyond your wildest dreams; that you copy accurately and give away generously, and as a result of any awkwardness, you’re rewarded by the comfort you bring to others.

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