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You’re the superconscious ones, and, at this moment there’s a critical necessity for compassionate consciousness to share love and kindness with the vast numbers of underconscious souls. A radically disruptive offering of love is required to insure their vulnerability and constant fright is not ignored, or exacerbated. Humans are easily stimulated to violence when this unconscious insecurity is combined with any fear provoked environments. Those who fan these flames of fearful threats, and false dangers, are abusing this underconscious ignorance while ignoring the signals of the impending disasters from these actions. These flame fanners are unaware of what they’re doing, and can never be expected to do the right thing.

You -- as the superconscious ones -- must roll with these challenges to life, and then offer your role as an alternative with inspiration. When this task seems daunting; when every failure is overwhelming, you must gather the assistance from the legions of angelic energies that surround you. These are the thousands of ‘energy aids’ that accompany all life, at all times . . . in all locations. Every life has this deep energetic guidance from the moment of conception unto far beyond the moment of passing. When you combine your superconsciousness with an awareness and belief in this guidance, you create the perfect calm . . . the immaculate opportunity to dream up solutions.

Our prayer is that you engage your superconsciousness; that you use this immaculate awareness to develop compassionate communities, and then within these communities, humanity can meet their future by raising children of the future . . . a future that embraces all life without exception.

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