Genetic Jealousy

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You’ve been every kind of person throughout countless human incarnations . . . genders, religions, and ethnicities. Today's world is experiencing ‘genetic jealousy’ -- a psychobiological reference to unconscious xenophobia. This is not an overt jealousy, but one that's cellular, without any noticeable thought whatsoever. This is an emotion that comes from a deep and anatomical insecurity, one that plays off the superficial differences between people’s appearances. Attributes, created over thousands of years, such as lighter skin from the disintegration of skin pigmentation to receive necessary solar nutrients . . . less sunshine in the far north means more need for sunlight. Melanin is the pigmentation of particular cells known as melanocytes. It's a strong light absorber and without it, the body strengthens in low sunlight, but today there’s more sunlight everywhere.

Neuromelanin is an even darker pigment which binds metals such as iron and copper . . . the darkest skin carries larger amounts of electricity and magnetism . . . an advantage to body and spirit. Melanin also protects against damage from high temperatures, chemical stresses, and heavy metals. The brain areas where melanin occurs include neurons inside the brainstem . . . this area -- the ‘reticular formation’ -- produces super clarity minus aggression. Dark skin is an anatomical advantage and is also the global majority. This has produced an unconscious genetic insecurity/jealousy in lighter skin . . . almost the sensation of existential “nakedness”. Insecurity often ignites a compensating aggression. Such aggressive reactions have taken place for centuries with the violence growing into a weaponized -- often state sponsored -- dominance . . . lighter skin dominating the darker.

Our prayer is that you recognize the depth of this unconsciousness; allow yourself to become a solution by expanding the global awareness; participate in the needed conversations, but embrace the greater solutions found beyond words, and invest wholeheartedness into creating an equality of spirit beyond this illusive difference.

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