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The nature of this world, as it currently interacts -- where wealth is mistaken for worth; celebrity mistaken for significance, and common purpose is misplaced by the points of individual pain -- is the bias of human nature where mother nature is more challenged than at any other time in human history. As a result of this bias, humanity is not helping to solve its own challenges. Extinction looms over one million species of plants and animals . . . humans are on this list, but they ignore this with ignorance. According to the United Nations’ comprehensive report on biodiversity, the velocity of extinction has dramatically increased through human activity, and though it’s not too late to fix, it’s getting dangerously close. The current loss of species has accelerated thousands of times greater than at any time in the past.

This is a massive breakdown that will become impossible to slow down once it’s gathered momentum. Your final chance to make a meaningful change is now . . . when now is the time for responding before human extinction is swept into the fray. There’s a desperate need for some “force” to lead human effort in a coordinated response to either: dream the solutions: champion a solution; join in some solution; stand to the side, or get out of the way entirely. And based on humanity’s current fickle state, this becomes nearly impossible to communicate, or coordinate. A coded language, delivered in a totally non-violent form of communication, is key to changing minds to take on this effort.

Our prayer is that you're one of the ones who'll recognize your capacity and adopt this purpose; that you champion parts of this coded language to compassionately inspire, lead and follow with this time of your life.

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