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The universe is filled with constant potential, it accommodates every need that exists . . . for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. This is the nature of infinity -- there's an infinite response within every moment. Kundalini yoga -- a path of light -- was taught by great masters -- including Yogi Bhajan in this present moment -- as an essential physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual response to the needs of any time. There are three common methods of gathering universal wealth into time. First is the slavery of earning a living --  a living you’ve already received and need not earn . . . very common in this world of accelerated doubt. Next is the method of stealing as an “uncommon thief” manipulating the markets to claim that which is meant for everyone, to be instead exclusively for you . . . thus creating poverty and war. And lastly, there’s the lens focusing universal energies into concentrated circumstances as required. It uses a conscious lens to focus the universal wealth into amounts and arrangements as required by the moments of life. With human consciousness, Kundalini allows you to access this blessing.

To focus universal wealth into meaningful quantities and qualities without slavery or thievery is prosperity . . . pro - spirit. Amongst these three pathways there’s a great game, one that's constantly being played on the Earth’s stage between these paths. Because there's always balance in the cosmos, balance amongst humans brings prosperity to compensate for the slavery and thievery. Activating this path of magical prosperity requires everything physical (including exercise and diet); everything emotional (including meditating to clear the debris of lifetimes). It’s said that meditation without emotional debris isn’t meditation. And mentally accessing all paths of spiritual essence . . . not just one or some.

Our prayer is that you realize you are a master magician, and you live your life by performing the tiny miracles of prosperity in every single moment, and that you free yourself from the limits of belief that one path is better than any other . . . all roads lead the spirit.

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