The Lessons of Incarnations

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As mineral in its many forms -- opaque, translucent, transparent, metal, and crystal -- you learned incarnate lessons to be solid; firm; steady; connected; transmitting and clarifying. All incarnations in every kingdom benefit your ultimate destiny . . . to be worn, or adorned as mineral around a higher being is a gift beyond compare. Your incarnations within the plant kingdom where planting your roots deeply into the moment and following the light. There were three incarnations of a particular nature in the plant kingdom . . . Sandalwood, Bamboo, and Birch. Sandalwood permeates and influences everything in the forest except Bamboo -- which cannot be influenced by anything other than itself. These are the two extremes of your teaching destiny -- influencing everyone around you by your mere presence, and not being influenced when it is time to be steadfast.

Birch is the tree of white bark that was used by the indigenous people of North America to make the canoes of the lightest weight. These opened channels of passage to travel greater distances than ever imagined before . . . cartage over lands that's never been explored before . . . avenues into the unknown. Birch is the symbol of moving into the unknown without challenge. You then began your incarnations in the animal kingdom where you took on the roles of uprooting your base and moving your mineral lessons; your plant lessons, and your animal lessons all over the air, land and waters. Throughout these lives you’ve learned to be all the blessings that a life of conscious observation can deliver. In the final 84,000 incarnations you’re human, you learn to balance on two legs; expand your awareness beyond two dimensions; become the most powerful ego imaginable, and then surrender this ego into the cosmos and serve all life as if it were your own. This of the path of your mastery beyond mystery.

Our prayer is that you’re relating to all of your incarnations in each moment of this one to maximize your experience and influence; that you deliver on your gift of life by giving the gift of a better life to all you meet . . . permeate; travel light, and be the light.

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