The Nature Of The Commons

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The nineteenth century Indian scientist, Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose, had a regret near the end of his life. This was because of the one patent he filed and received during his lifetime. He invented countless capacities in science; he’d even discovered the working forces of the first radio far ahead of Marconi, but he was a firm believer in the commonality of all knowledge -- the nature of the universal mind that serves all minds. He found living activity in metals and stones; tested for their vitality with actual instruments, and sensed the soul in everything. He knew this as the nature of the commons . . . the limitless field of knowledge and wisdom that prevails around everything. He was investigating the channels between ether and matter; testing the recovery rate of tired inorganic materials, and developing ways of measuring these conditions beyond the ability of your five senses.

He was a practitioner of the process of 'free-wording' in 'dream-time’ -- to use the human psyche as a means of free discovery without the hindrances of fuzzy memory. Free-wording in the dream-time is the process of allowing your inner landscape to fill with universal information; to bring it all into a word-form that flows from your consciousness as invaluable explanations of intuitive discoveries and descriptions. He found this to be constantly flowing from the ethers . . . the first of the actual physical levels of the material cosmos. He was studying the potential for systemic human failures when the only motivation was profit -- exactly what's forming the disastrous times of today. His attitude was that -- as an advanced soul-body -- you do not want systemic failure to take place on your watch . . . during your incarnations. This would be a karmic debt that would take lifetimes to pay off -- a complete waste of prana/shakti . . . the force of life in everything.

Our prayer is that you relate to this level of sensitivity; that you too realize your life is a gift of conscious awareness to be used for the benefit of all things, and that you take the time to 'free-word' in your 'dream-time' and gather your instructions for each day.

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