New Evolution

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The ancient yogic wisdom keepers asked, "Why destroy 5 to 6 feet of body with 2 inches of tongue?" To use your taste buds as the arbiter of diet is an ignorant process that leads to lower energy, physical reactions to food that isn’t food, and ultimately ill health. It completely ignores the needs of the body in favor of the wants of the tongue. So often, what appears to be 'safe' food is actually a most dangerous thing to eat. Today's a seminal moment in human history -- a moment of shifting habits. It’s time to reach into the psyche and empower your stubbornness to resist the norm.

Never accept that which appears impossible to change, for all of evolution has been a masterful change agent. Reaching beyond these three dimensions, which appear as they appear, you discover a vast realm beyond, a realm that’s invisible to the five senses, but clear to your intuition. In this, which is beyond all the normal habits, are solutions and resolutions for the ways of a human future. Without these unusual solutions, there’s actually no human future at all . . . humanity is rapidly exhausting the comforts of these two, three and four dimensions. It's time to move beyond.

Our prayer is that you realize and recognize the importance of a new evolution; that you participate as a leader, not a contrarian, and that with this leading participation you’re innovating ways in which the common habits that have backed humans into this extinction corner, will not be the habits leading forward . . . particularly diet and food . . . the future is vegan by necessity.

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