Happy Mother's Day

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This planet is called ‘Mother Earth’ because every single body is made from her nutrients, just as your body originates from the nutrients of your Mother's womb. The word ‘womb’ means ‘the future’, and  the word ‘man’ means the inception of now. The word ‘woman’ comes from ‘womb and man’ . . . the future within the inception of now. Nothing is more powerful than the prayers of a mother . . . forever connected to this interaction of future and now. Light connects these prayers to the future from within the body's cells, and prayers are stronger when you acknowledge them. This is a realization of the masters throughout time, and is now confirmed by modern medicine. The heart and brain of every one of your tens of trillions of physical cells is known as the mitochondria, and this portion of each cell contains only the mother’s DNA. The DNA -- the actual ‘light-code’ at the center of life -- is the heart of this construction.

Therefore: mother touches you from inside every cell. Prayers, in the midst of this microscopic world, are communicating -- heart to heart -- light to light -- mother to offspring from the very core. Your heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field. Measured in an electrocardiogram -- the heart’s field is sixty times larger than the brain’s field. Physically detected at great distances, it's a light signal, like a radio wave, travelling though your space. The power of a mother’s prayer -- which comes from the mitochondrial-heart of every cell -- is the ultra-high frequency signal of DNA to DNA. This alters the light that surrounds the offspring, no matter what species. By altering this light surrounding the physical body, you’re literally altering the hologram of life. Mother’s prayers change your sensations of space within the illusion of time.

Our prayer is that you honor this relationship no matter what it was like through your senso-emotional perception of memory; that you honor your universal mother . . . the mother within your cells, and then embrace all life on Mother Earth.

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