Whole Medicine

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Synthesis is one method that derives medicines from the herbs that originally provide the healing properties. Synthesis is a laborious and exacting process that takes great amounts of time and energy to complete. Herbs are filled with countless ingredients from their most active and curative, to the less active, to inactive, and down to the inert. All of these ingredients are essential to the final balance in approaching the healing. But when each one of these is synthesized, it adds exponentially to the cost of the final product. Yet without the full complex and balance of each ingredient, the end product is actually dangerous . . . countless side effects arise from the imbalance.

This is the current nature of the medical industry. Medicine has become “for profit” and has lost the greater incentive to be “for service”. When a medicine is loaded with the most active ingredients only -- the abundance of side effects ultimately sets another dilemma into motion. More synthesizing must counteract the absence of the original balance . . . the absence of the less active, inert and inactive ingredients. Add to this the profits in this equation and you have a system of capital incentives for managing diseases without curing them. It’s like the industry of managing properties . . . if you were to remove all occupants from the properties, you'd have no industry. In this case if you were to eliminate all disease -- via some profound shift in lifestyle and medicine -- you'd ultimately eliminate an industry. The imbalance of this equation is a non sequitur -- it runs on economical health, not biological health.

Our prayer is that you dedicate yourself to living a healthy life -- first and foremost; that you build your health and share these discoveries to create a world that does not live in the synthesis of medicine for the economy, but lives in the origins of a healthy ecology.

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