Sincere Discipline With Playful Chaos

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Prosperity is a word that means 'pro-spirit' ~ 'for the spirit' -- spirit is matter, but in its lightest pre-manifest form. ‘Matter’ is the root of the word mother, and ‘manifest’ is the combination of ‘mana’ which is the universal mind and ‘fest’ which means to infiltrate/celebrate. The manifesting process comes into being with the arousal of tension, pressure, stress and friction within the space not yet occupied, from space that does not yet exist. The relationship between spirit and matter supplies a channel that nourishes the physical forms in the material world. This is the very process that prayer touches . . . the way spirit forms to correlate and celebrate.

Spirit forms into matter through sublimations that occur at the various levels and layers of tension, pressure, stress and friction. It’s a labyrinth of spacetime that requires a sincere discipline -- combined with playful chaos -- to guide and decipher. Prayers and prosperity are a simultaneous coalition within these layers. Intuition allows you to arrive at the proper mixture of discipline and playfulness -- and the balance between these two is what humanity has been missing for centuries. For the most part, religions have been defaulting to the side of discipline, but without playfulness, discipline devolves into a rude form of crude severity. This is the nature of the current pandemic of religious fanaticism on all sides of the sectarian equation. You are the natural reaction -- new incarnations being born into a devolved world to save it from the doom it’s careening through. You're the prayerful angels, sent through algorithms of balance and equilibrium regain evolutionary course. Without this reset, Earth devolves into a prehistoric version -- out of commission to advance human consciousness for billions of years.

Our prayer is that you take your task here equally serious and playful; that you approach this with the childlike innocence and a master-like diligence; that within this balance you find the prescription for prosperity and success, and then teach this to all others.

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