Outdated Buzz-Fear

GMP MAY 19 9.png

The terminology currently circulating amongst corporate sponsored nations shuts down critical conversations when speaking about the injustice of power. Within the cliche structure where “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” there’s a stirring buzz-fear promoted around words like socialism and green revolutions. These words actually mean a balanced social contract amongst social circles -- everyone is ready, willing, and able to respond to everyone’s needs.

This buzz-fear has been cleverly orchestrated over the past centuries by those who’ve dominated society with a capital advantage. This is the nature of hierarchical social structures and their maintenance of dominance through “monarchical” languaging . . . a maintenance of the hierarchy through the language of thought and belief. When solutions are proposed to reduce the dehumanizing ways in which marginalized communities are depicted as infestations -- especially those affected by incarceration, border control, and poverty -- the hierarchies use “monarchical” languaging to describe the proposed equality as anarchy. This then disables the mainstream conversations from discussing anything regarding these solutions to the injustice. As the structure of language with independent voices is dismantled, there’s less room for humane conversations. This is currently not only affecting human populations, but it’s affecting all life on Earth -- animal and plant -- as sustainability is compromised by a capital system that must constantly grow and deplete the ecosystem.

Our prayer is that you’ll take an intuitive role in discovering what hasn't yet been known; that you’ll develop the awareness that language matters, and then use the words that free these hierarchical bonds of the outdated buzz-fear.

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