Discover Balance

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Balance is one of the most vital sensations in the human experience of space. When time is added to this experience there's an additional sense of balancing life’s work and unfolding success. It’s like learning to ride a bike, when you’re balancing for longer periods of time . . . it’s said that this is never forgotten. This is because -- in fact -- you never actually learn to ride a bike . . . you acknowledged that balance is your basic nature, and once this happens, you’re able to ride. You never lose this acknowledgment and awareness of universal balance. This is why balancing is such a vital sensation -- you’re touching the core of your being, with the core of your knowing, with the core of the Cosmos.

Discovery of balance, is a process of recognition, and recognition is to re -- ‘cognize’ -- or to know something again. This is just disposing of the covering elements that hide realities from the senses, and then relating to what's left without the cover. Setting yourself up into a position of balancing on one leg, and then the other, is important to work with, at least once a day for two to three minutes. This registers throughout your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and sets you up to touch the core of your being with your knowing. This can be applied to succeed in other endeavors. When you have a difficult project, balance every time you hit an impasse; every time you reach a false conclusion, and every time it all falls apart. When you balance, you're immediately left without the sensation of failure by itself, but the failure is in a mixture of the success. This is how you learned to walk and talk . . . failing and then succeeding in a simultaneous way . . . failing at walking and talking, but succeeding at balancing once again.

Our prayer is that you’re up to the task of success; that you know your failures are part of the vital sequence -- often dominating the mixture in your early attempts -- of balancing the goal. Our prayer is your success.

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