Your Infinite Stranger

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At the entry point of the cosmos -- standing at the threshold of life and death -- it’s challenging and confusing to all the senses because, in fact, there is no such thing as death . . . only a changing of the outer outfit . . . the perceivable presence. No longer three dimensional, you must now be highly skilled in navigating the vaster dimensions beyond spacetime . . . beyond all the thoughts you’ve ever had -- all the feelings you’ve ever felt -- all the conclusions and opinions you’ve ever held dear. This is the threshold known as the ninth subtle-body -- the birth and death angel . . . the realm of all answers. It can help you in life if you allow it to . . . when you don’t chase it away with your fear of dying. This is your ultimate connection with a soul-guide. It’s everywhere and can be your stability in every moment.

Any suffering through your days, weeks, months, or years, will draw you closer to this angel when you allow it to. It’s this ninth subtle-body that teaches you there's no pain in any moment . . . it’s only an anticipation, or memory that creates the sensation of pain. Here, at this threshold, you face the times beyond your body -- no past, or future . . . no pain, or sorrow. Freed from all the sensations of three and four dimensions, you're in a total lack of familiarity . . . not like you're lost from what you know, but as if you’ve never known anything . . . not even pain, nor confusion. The passage of time affects life through the senses -- even though time doesn't actually pass. And without any sensations of time, the ultimate ‘now’ becomes what has always been . . . a constant circle. Guru Nanak said, “Be dead while alive, and use this perfect perspective to discover your infinite stranger” . . . the strangeness of infinity.

Our prayer is that you’re welcoming of this stranger in every moment that you’re challenged, and when it arrives -- long before your ultimate departure -- you’re grateful to experience the continuum of time without time . . . standing at the threshold of death, while still very much alive . . . be reborn.

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