Your Adult-Essence

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Human life cycles (micro) and human evolution (macro) are continuously connecting, collecting, correcting and correlating with each other through life’s developmental phases. These phases link the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether (the Taatvas in Sanskrit) to your advancing individual physical, emotional and mental development. Not everyone passes through all of these phases at the same pace, this because not everyone has achieved equal evolutionary progress. Earth is like a one room schoolhouse, and humanity lives scattered throughout the various levels of this schooling. Most who appear to be adults, because of their size and physical body age, are not actually matured. Most of those who appear as adults are simply very large and physically-aged children . . . advancement requires tens of thousands of lives to progress to the higher levels of mastery and maturity.

To make certain that you dust off all the evolutionary debris and activate your most advanced persona, it’s necessary to go back through these phases, using conscious contemplation and meditation . . . to reboot the system. This is known as recapitulation, and being consciously consciences. To reboot and recalibrate your adult-essence -- your adolescence -- is to be working with the element of Ether. It’s here where you learn to refine the choices between your human power to reshape space -- the yang of assertion -- and your human skills to navigate time -- the yin of compassion. One method of elevating into a more mature form is breathing into a visualization (visioning), or into a visceral-ization (feeling) of your teenage moments. It’s a virtual 'visionquest' . . . an implied 'right of passage' that can be achieved through the various lenses of childhood.

Our prayer is that you’re ready to clean your system at its core; that you’re then willing to live in a crystal-clear setting -- an adult maturity -- one that’s both able to reshape and or navigate . . . whatever the moment most benevolently requires.

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