Empathic Intuition

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Time is topography, the inclinations of space measured from random points of perception. Empathic intuition steps outside this momentum and into the actual moment, undisturbed by the compelling social noise. Empathic intuition is a brain-state activated in deep meditation, and dreamtime. You capture sensations from the continuum of spacetime with anomalous cognitions, which dramatically deviate from what's expected. These are inherent human capacities that accelerate your effectiveness -- activated when consistent discipline delivers more than expectations . . . the exceptional becomes the foreseeable. Your greatness isn't so much outstanding, as it is a total understanding . . . you’re operating as the being you are. This is the reason for your breath; the purpose of your sensations, and the place you’re aiming for with everything you do, no matter what you do.

These are not superpowers, these are standard operating abilities . . . the nature of human beings being human. Whenever this becomes your mode of operating, you'll face tremendous fear, for fear is the governor to maintain your acceptability. But when you’re operating anomalously, you’re unacceptable . . . way outside the laws of normal. You’re an outlaw, and every great prophet was considered an outlaw by those who were normal in their time. This is the fine line you must navigate -- to live outside the norm and considered an outlaw, while maintaining the ethics, values and morals of one who abides by the law. This is where "spiritual teachers” who are deeply ‘self-centric’ separate from those who are empathic. This is where sociopathic behavior diverges from socio-centric envelopment. Bob Dylan said it in his song ‘Absolutely Sweet Marie’ -- “To live outside the law you must be honest.” And Woody Guthrie said it in ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ -- "I love a good man outside the law, just as I hate a bad man inside the law."

Our prayer is that your life coincides with the ethics of empathic intuition; that you honor the laws of nature regardless of their adherence to the laws of human nature, and then lift all those around you because you can.

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