Destiny + Fate

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Bees become positively charged as they fly, and flowers carry a negative potential. This difference becomes the attraction. The differences from positive to negative in electrical fields are called bias. There's always this electrical bias, or polarity around all natural environments. Sensory biologists have discovered that bees sense this, which has them looking into other areas where electromagnetic polarities are found . . . which is everywhere. Salmon find their way back to their spawning streams with this; doves and pigeons find their way “home” with this.

Electric fields and magnetic impulses are cues and clues everywhere. This is present in your world too. It’s involved in everything you believe is choice . . . it may not be. Sometimes there’s just responses -- preceded by inclinations that fall into conclusions. This takes place so quickly that it appears you’ve made a decision, but this is actually the mechanism separating fate and destiny. When you apply an effort -- physical, emotional, or mental -- you’re altering the tensions, pressures, stresses, and friction of your field. Your field contains ions -- an electrically charged atom -- positive or negative -- from the loss, or gain of an electron. This happens inside you and around you at all times. These high pressures and low pressures are the reason they call it “The winds of change.” Wind is caused by high pressures moving into lower pressures. In you, this results in changing attitudes, emotions and thoughts . . . the “weather” of your life, and of all animals and plants. What attracts you to the choices you seem to make are all of this shifting tension, pressure, stress, and friction. What you control -- in the middle of this -- is the ability to be conscious, and when you’re conscious, you're living your destiny. This is the difference between an empath, and a sociopath -- between destiny and fate.

Our prayer is that you welcome your consciousness; that you embrace your sensitivity, and use this ability to make your environment more livable and lovable. Magnify the polarities and leverage these attractive destinies into a tolerance of differences.

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