Be Bold, Don’t Fold

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Consciousness -- an awareness that you exist -- the registration point where your interactive perception imprints momentum onto your moments. The result of this awareness is a sense of individual existence . . . a condition that creation has been installing into living creatures and plants since the beginning of no beginning. When your efforts lose balance, three dimensions takes over and this momentum is lost. These essays are written with code-words of empathic intuition. Reading them affects regions of your brain where those disruptive patterns in evolution are rebalanced.

These same regions are activated in meditation, and in your dreamtime. The more time you spend accessing these regions, the more you accelerate your effectiveness for leveraging momentum, and increasing this balance. Your higher consciousness, not only registers the interactive perceptions, it understands time as topography . . . the ability to accurately step outside the momentum of any moment; not disturbed, or distracted by social noise -- and recapture the full meaning. This is -- known to science as -- anomalous cognition . . . the world of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote-viewing and precognition. These are the capacities so desperately needed on Earth right now to overcome the constant background noise. Your task is to master this ability and use it to awaken the choir, and then create harmonious lives for life on Earth. Like the cliche of “preaching to the choir’ -- your task is to literally preach and teach to the choir, for it's asleep and needs to wake up right now. The “other side” is fully active, and creating the mess just as evolution requested . . . this is nature’s stimulant for growth . . . like the forest fire cracking the seeds for germination.

Our prayer is that you’re stimulated by the role the other side is playing; that you’re not distracted by dismay, or disbelief when you witness their destructive path; that you see this as a part of a far larger picture, and play your role in balancing it out. Be bold, don’t fold.

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