Radical Ideas

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Ideas have a momentum that reverberate in angles, like waves through oceanic time. After the angles of the thoughts have been initiated, the ideas can continue their acceptance for centuries, or more. A relationship is an idea, contained in conversations that will carry on forever when inspired. The harmonic intervals of music are ideas that have acceptance, or not. During the time of Pope Gregory, the musical compositions were only to use unisons and octaves -- the acceptable harmonies of the moment -- all other intervals were considered a home to the “devil”. This idea became the 'common sense' for hundreds of years in the medieval West. With the insistence of radical disruptors, composers challenged this attitude with harmonic intervals outside this idea of "standard".

This disruption allowed the renaissance composers to write their symphonies for which lasting recognition and love has been gained . All human senses have an embedded programming of acceptability . . . this is established in a spectrum of psycho-emotional preferences. But these are just ideas, they're not  fixed realities. Epistemology is the study of knowledge . . . of ideas in the "theory of knowledge". The origin, the earliest history of any idea, knowledge, or wisdom, is important to the solutions that are acceptable in any respective community, at any given moment in time. Solutions are contained within the angles of the ideas -- then achieved by radical disruptions . . . the advantages contained in new efforts. Such is the radical disruption needed to shift the cruelty that’s common amongst humankind. The radical ideas of peace, calm, and dignity are required in a world as wasteful as today. With resources diminishing like the commons of air, land and water, these signals all point to the need for ideas related to nothing that’s currently, or ever, been thought.

Our prayer is that you spend time each day reminding yourself that life has a far higher purpose; radically expand the horizons of the ideas that are “permitted”…think thoughts that have never been imagined and this will be a key to the health, happiness and holiness of all life on Earth right now.

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