Spread The Peace

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Carnivores are, by nature, territorial beings -- they're naturally aggressive in protecting the hunting grounds they’ve gathered to control. Carnivores have anatomical biologies that support this aggression mentally and emotionally, and it’s balanced along the lines of nature’s inherent fairness. It fits the natural evolutionary pattern of all life. In considering this same aspect of balance and nature, there's a deep challenge affecting every life on Earth right now. And this is, that nothing in human biology is set up, or prepared, to consume meat, or any form of slaughtered flesh. In addition to the physical aspects, humans, by this nature, are also not suited for the psycho-emotional aggression patterns -- the violent behaviors that are stimulated by carnivorism.  You lack all capacities to understand these emotions.

Human consumption of flesh was initiated by disaster when ice ages, hundreds of thousands of years ago, wiped out all plant-based food-stocks faster than humans were able to relocate to alternate sources. Then, ten thousand years ago, humanity began to domesticate and slaughter animals for food. This was the next greatest departure from nature taken by human life on Earth. This was where humanity fully departed from every sense of compassion, and began the momentum that’s currently giving you endless wars over resources and territory, and the constant terror from these wars. From the unnatural consumption of flesh, humans have become the most aggressive; the most dangerous, and without comparison, the most polluting creatures alive on Earth. This is the nature of the unnatural human being as a carnivore, one who’s paying zero attention to the consequences of its actions, but mindlessly forcing its way toward impending doom. It’s time for humanity to understand how it came to such an unnatural life so that these carnivorous habits, over time, can be corrected.

Our prayer is that you take a deep look at the global impact -- the consequences that diet is having on Earth; that you educate yourself with more sustainable, healthy and efficient choices…then promote this diet consciously, and naturally spread the peace.

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