Set The Tone

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There’s a system -- a subtler “body” surrounding your physical body -- which is made up of a series of electromagnetic fields. Within these fields there are different frequencies from the base of your torso to the top of your head. Individually, these are called ‘chakras’ -- a Sanskrit term meaning circles . . . collectively they're called the ‘aura’ -- a term that means field of light. This field of light, and all of its variations, has the ability to both receive and transmit/radiate information at a phenomenal rate. This feeds you the moment in every moment. Yes, you are who you "think" you are, which is who you operate as.

But . . . you are also, in fact, who this field says you are, for this determines how life unfolds for you. The frequency of this collective radiance, broadcasts and receives the information controlling each moment to moment's unfolding. Such is the importance of tuning up, and attuning into these chakras/fields periodically each day of your life. This is a key reason for maintaining a daily/morning practice; for stretching into your body glove; breathing deeply and consciously, and eating the foods that feed the core of your cells. This is all part of the tuning and attuning. The world around you is an illusion of opinions, reactions and attitudes . . . it’s known as maya when you're out of touch with this tuning and attuning. A key to successful living is in affecting these fields each morning . . . a practice known as sadhana. With this you begin realizing you're more than who you think you are, and the strong influence -- even interference -- of O.P.O. which is “other people's opinions,” begins to fade away. You become the deeper you.

Our prayer is that you use these early morning hours -- known as the ambrosial hours -- to set the tone and tune of your day, each day, with meditation and yoga; that you value the clarity you receive and thrive in its unclouded awareness; that you lead others to this same cleaner, clearer, more successful version of life, and create a healthier, happier and holier world in the process. It’s right there all around you, all the time . . . take advantage of it.

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