Breathe To Be

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There’s a path for each life known as destiny. It leads through the oceans of time . . . a path where the storms are unable to sweep you away. The task of each lifetime is to find the discipline to stay on this path through the storms. The privilege that barbarism used to dominate human history has had little to do with staying on this path, but has stood on the backs of slavery, to ride the storms for advantage . . . separated from the evolution of nature. Human life is now unnatural, this has been the aggressive case a few thousand years of wins and losses . . . but the ‘right now’ is bringing this to a head. Throughout this history, humans have believed the world dangerous . . . not to be trusted.

But there are also very conscious disciplines that have carried life around this bloody story, activities that produce prana (life force) to be absorbed to balance the body vessel. These are master teachings of life . . . the breath of universal light drawn back on the bow string of intentions . . .  an arrow for existence to fly through the space of your time. This path of enlightenment is paved with these good intentions and teaches all about the ocean. Your time in this body; your time in this life, is calculated by your relationship with this arrow of breath . . . the only aspect of life that you actually own. Everything else is a rental, to be returned when life is complete. You cannot save it . . . it’s spent on each passing moment. You can’t store it . . . only experience it. All incarnate messaging for your life is stored within each breath . . . breathing is the action that’s truly you. Interacting with this arrow is the play; the waves of time is the stage, and the path of your destiny rises and falls with each moment. It’s up to you to build opportunities; to remain heartfelt and compassionate, and not stoop to the insecure, barbaric and competitive history.

Our prayer is that you’re aware of the barbaric privilege misused throughout the history of your ancestors; that you rethink and respond with purpose, and approach each storm with the arrows of your breath and compassionate resolve. Breathe to be, and teach this freely.

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