Celebrating Earth

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On this Day of the Earth, it is important to recognize that humanity on Earth has slowed human evolution to a crawl, and then to a dead stop, over the past tens of thousands of years. It was the repeating ice-ages that turned the plant-based humans into carnivores and reduced human efforts to being mostly combative, competitive and territorial . . . an unwittingly martial beast. At this moment, there’s nothing more dangerous on planet Earth than the un-awakened human species, for having this much intelligence, without the slightest amount of compassion and higher awareness, is outright perilous, hazardous and precariously threatening to Earth as a human environment.

Fraught with unpredictable and catastrophic outcomes, this century has human extinction as one of its options. Deep science, the science that’s in the labs, and not on the streets, has known for years that human life, on planet Earth, will not survive the twenty-first century if there’s not a remarkable turnaround in human behavior. This is the crisis that’s in place to ignite the next evolution; the new dimension of human life on Earth. But it takes those who are paying attention to the signals and doing something about them in order for this evolution to unfold. You have to ask yourself: which side of this equation are you living on, and which role are you willing to play in solving the likelihood of disaster?

Our prayer is that you’re clear that the current evolution is finished; that the buying and selling of space and time is over and in desperate need of a replacement, and that you’re working to develop and replace this with your life force so that the children and the children of these children will have a sacred home on Earth, not a sacrifice of the Earth.

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